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3 min readOct 30, 2022


The New Standard of Blockchain World

What is Web3 Coin?

Smart apps, digital products, hundreds of different services … Now imagine being able to use them all in a single ecosystem, in harmony. Web3 Coin enables you to take part in the world of the future with the most comprehensive digital ecosystem planned with you in mind.

What solutions does Web3 Coin offer?

Web3 Coin makes the use of blockchain technology accessible to all by providing an extensive ecosystem built on Web3Chain which can be applied to various industries. With over 70 products, Web3 Coin is able to fully unlock the potential of blockchain technology by harmoniously integrating it into daily life through its extensive ecosystem. This allows users to utilize blockchain technology in every aspect of their lives. It takes the entire blockchain world to the next step in terms of speed and security. It allows idea owners who want to exist in the digital world with their own ideas but do not have the ability of software languages to reflect their dreams in the blockchain world with simple steps and easy-to-use interfaces.

What is Web3 Coin’s strategic goal?

Web3 Coin’s strategic goals are to become one of the world’s top 3 blockchain ecosystems within 3 years and the world’s most-used financial ecosystem within 5 years. The ultimate goal is to take its place on the stage as one of the world’s largest technology companies in 10 years.

What is Web3Chain ?

Web3Chain is the blockchain network that forms the basic building block of the Web3 Coin ecosystem. Thanks to Web3Chain , features and innovations that have never been available on any blockchain network before are included in our ecosystem.

Our vision

We are removing the boundaries between reality and the digital world with the most comprehensive digital ecosystem project planned in line with our goals. With our products and projects, we meet today’s digital needs and bring tomorrow’s technologies to people.

For blockchain technology to be used to its full potential, we produce solutions with our human-centered products.

Our vision is to become one of the three largest blockchain ecosystems globally in the short term, the most-used financial ecosystem globally within 5 years, and the largest and most-used technology and finance company worldwide within 10 years.


For the first exclusive NFT collection of Web3 Coin;

An original. creative, and high-quality artwork

A quality and eye-catching avatar that you can use as your profile picture on all social media accounts.

Unlock access to a premium experience for NFT enthusiasts.

Increase your chances of winning in Web3 lime’s exclusive drawings by enhancing your Web3 Coin NFT.

Earn more W3B from our airdrop system (total reward is 200 million W3B ).

We have partnered with many world-famous players, athletes, and the best F1 drivers, and people who own Web3 Coin NFTs will automatically be on the whitelist for these celebrities’ NFT collections.

Early access to products and platforms.

Airdrop right in our Web3NFT Marketplace on the Web3Chain .

Immediately after Mint:

  • The NFT staking platform will be active.
  • NFT holders will earn W3B coins by staking their NFTs.
  • Those who stake their NFTs for the long term will have the opportunity to participate directly in the big draws that will be held.

Risks and Mitigations

Risk 1: What if the collection’s floor price fal Is below the mint price?

Solution 1: We have developed a staking mechanism for this. You will earn Web3 Coin (W3B) by staking your NFTs. There are two possibilities, and NFT holders benefit in both. Staking will reduce the number of listed NFTs on the secondary market, causing the price to rise. You will earn W3B coins every day by staking your NFT, and after a while, you can become an NFT owner for free by selling your W3B coins on the stock exchange. Moreover, if you do not sell the W3B you have earned and also stake it, you will earn more W3B with a high APY rate. In short, it is a win-win-win situation.

Risk 2: We are developing more than 70 products, but do we have the technical infrastructure and team to develop them all?

Solution 2: Yes, we have more than 12 employees and offices in 2 different countries. We have already launched our Web3 Coin website, Web3Account, Web3Airdrop, Web3Explorer, Web3Chain projects and are working on Web3Faucet, Web3Dex (swap) Web3NFT Marketplace, .

Mint Funds Breakdown

All revenue will be spent on creating a quality and active NFT community. Because we love NFTs and we have partnered with many famous stars, we are excited to share them with you.